If you are affiliated with a party, you are in support of all that it is. You don’t get to cherry-pick the parts you want and discard the other parts. Nope, I have not carried out a survey on individuals, nor do I need to. Has the Republican party EVER apologized for what its done to infringe upon the basic civil rights of Blacks and other groups? Nope.

Has the Republican party changed from their evil ways? Nope. That leopard hasn’t change its spots.

Has the Republican party done anything to reform or rehab its image so that newcomers to the group know they are no longer the party of the Klan? Nope.

This means anyone who joins or is affiliated with the group is fully aware or fully capable of learning of the party’s racist and terrorist past, and if they profess to be so ignorant, there are plenty of history books, websites, and even Google available to tell them what they are affiliating themselves with.

I don’t need a survey to know I’d never be affiliated with a party that has been trying to kill me and my kind since forever because I can read and because I have heart for humanity of all kinds, not just European, Anglo-Saxons, and White people. The racist think the party’s racist and have made the party their home.

Spare me survey ploy. Birds of a feather flock together, otherwise you’d vote a different way, affiliate a different way, speak a different way, and inquire a different way. Conservatism is a nice, tidy word for I don’t want anyone of any other race to have more than me. I’m conserving for myself and my kind.

Why on earth would a Democratic nominee suggest putting that on their ticket?

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