If you didn’t break this all the way down to the nitty-gritty! I have nothing to add of value to this Sis! You went in, you went hard, an d I gotta share this on Twitter.

I agree that Whiteness is a soft, coddled approach/word to dealing with White Supremacy in America. I use the term as a lazy way to encompass all that you’ve noted in your response, but your point is valid and is causing me to rethink the way I discuss White privilege and all that comes with the benefit. I’m doing Black (and White) people a disservice by not fully describing the violence and disenfranchisement that comes from White people when I uses words that do not fully embody all that they are.

As you’ve noted, all White people from time to time are seeking escape hatches to not be associated with their White skins and the power/privilege that comes with it. Whiteness gives them that out they don’t need and don’t deserve.

I believe fighting Whiteness/Neoliberalism/White Supremacy/Racism is a multi-faceted approach and clearly America has done a great job of hiding from White people just how involved they all are in maintaining the national racist social order.

I’m where you are now, on empowering Black people to not be reliant upon a system that keeps up down, makes us beg to play with them, gives us hand-me-downs and used things after they gotten the joy from using them first, etc. White people continue to guilting us into believing they’ll change. The fact is they aren’t and why would they as one of my other readers noted? They have power and we’re asking them to give us their unearned power and privileges. What we Black folks need to do is develop our own systems, make them exclusive and remove our dollars from their systems. If we make Whites rich, why can’t we make Blacks rich too. We know how to plan and build communities. We know how to create cultures and brands that we can’t live without. We are healers and farmers. There isn’t anything we can’t do if we worked together and invested in those things.

White people respect skin color AND money. Black people make and earn enough money that if we’d concentrate those dollars, train people with integrity how to develop/maintain systems (because we can’t afford mess ups), and create our own style of governance ad social orders, we would be healthier, smarter, and definitely more self-sufficient. Community planning is easy. Getting people to buy into something new like this is not. Black people love White people shit.

White people enjoy us begging them to play with them. They like seeing us beg to eat. I’ve known this for sometime. I’m tired of being on this rollercoaster, the one where they control our daily lives. I want off. The sad thing is too many Black people are addicted to their oppressors toys and crumbs. We are chasing statuses we’ll attain consuming stuff not meant for us. We send mixed signals doing this. This is not what our empowerment should be in our eyes. To me it looks more like begging and going along to get along. Likewise, White people impressing upon us that not achieving their immoral , inhumane statuses as they sit atop of our social order is also not empowering. It’s guilty trippin and bullying.

I’ve spent ample time educating both Black and White people in plain speak about how the systems work and how we’re all being played. Some get it, but not enough. After November Sis, my attitude is changing and so are my words. I know America isn’t changing with a Kamala/Joe ticket. I’m not even going into her playing to our perceived shallow understanding of Blackness and the Timms hoopla that happened a few weeks ago. Everybody is claiming her (lol).

Here in South Florida, she’s plastered all over the Caribbean newspapers as one of theirs due to her father’s heritage. I see the Indian community is calling her theirs, and right so. She belongs to their communities. But what are Black people doing? We are so desperate to have a Black person we’ll taken any one into the fold as long as their skin is Brown. The truth of the matter is America hasn’t really had a Black ADOS president. Black in color doesn’t equate to American Black in experience. Obama didn’t have a Black experience, neither did Harris and the Black people unwilling to acknowledge this have done ADOS Blacks a huge disservice. We undermine our own interests in the same way poor Whites undermine theirs.

Pretty sad state of affairs I’d say. I’m preparing myself for the Blacklash, as a lot of Black people are not appreciative of the disrespect and pandering and will vote accordingly. I don’t care her — never liked her for the same reason I can’t stand Daniel Cameron. Black people working in our corrupt criminal justice system are nothing more than modern slave patrollers and Kamala has had her share of similar issues Black folks are clearly willing to compromise to get — whatever they think they’ll get with her representing them. She doesn’t support reparations, and she doesn’t even talk about Black issues. I understand the low bar of Black people and why it is so but it still irks my nerves to no end. I just don’t waste my time arguing with her supporters. They to me are just like Trump supporters when it comes to the stubborness and inability to see the truth. I just keep my mouth closed.

I must say though, I’m surprised at the Black women who have helped Harris get cookout status. They are acting on behalf of that Whiteness we are breaking down in your response. Kamala is Obama. From the colorism, to the biracial aspects of their lives, to their preference to work in law, even the similarities in their upbringing, their Black is different from our Black because of its connection/proximity to Whiteness. There is very little Black about the two except the skin. But they did a Black thing or claimed some aspect of Black life and all is forgiven…

It takes a long time to get what you served up here Avis! You made me thing. I’m inspired to talk about his a little more than I have in the past. With the rash of Blacks coming out as MAGAs and defending Harris is leading me to believe there is a divorce coming in the Black community soon.

Thank you.

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