If police would send drug dogs into suburban and predominantly White schools like they do poor urban schools, they’d find the same amount of dope found in Black schools if not more because upper middle class White kids are given discretionary funds to play with. If they’d bust suburban moms for pill popping and doctor shopping instead of selling their opiate addiction as a public health crisis, crime rates among White moms would be similar to that of Black communities.

If social services would run good touch/bad touch campaigns in upper middle-class communities or run ICAC (internet crimes against children) busts more frequently, I’m sure more parents would have more White children placed in the child welfare system for child physical and sexual abuses.

If they’d put up road blocks in the nice parts of town, outside of suburban communities, and places where Whites gather (and get White girl/White boy wasted), I’m sure the DUI rates would go up among all age groups. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched intoxicated White people get behind the wheel at nice dining establishments to drive home. They do it with no fear. Let’s not even talk about them giving their kids and their friends alcohol!

The playing field is unfair. It always has been, and it always will be.

Of course crime rates are higher in Black communities. Someone is always looking at us, checking us, illegally searching our communities, and over-policing. Nobody’s looking at White communities for wrong doing. They are as rogue as police. White people have the nerve to police everyone, then half-ass (if at all) police themselves. They operate just like the boys in blue.

You labeled them right …they are racist, biased snowflakes. They have a knack for point out our flaws, but are as blind as Ray Charles when it comes to White flaws. Smh

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