If you need to be impressed and comfortable you’re missing the point. I don’t write for White comfort, nor do I center White feelings and ideas of how I should write or speak because that entire activity is meant to make you comfortable, not me.

I have written for years about niceness, comfort, fragility. I’m sorry if you’re just coming in and thinking this all that is to me. If you’ve read my work for the last three years, you’d completely understand my sentiments. I can’t tell you what to read. You have to get understanding for yourself.

What I will tell you is that if all you talk to are White people about Black people, you’re probably racist. You have no idea how we feel, how we think, what has happened to us, or how we should react. I should hope you can grow to the point where you can read work from abused and oppressed people without tone policing and concern controlling. Being angry is a normal reaction to being injured, tired, or harmed. I’m normalizing being angry for Black people.

And if you don’t like my tone, you’re free to block me. I won’t know and it’s free.

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