If you see racist, White Nationalist, sub-population alienating, lying, gaslighting, narcissistic Donald Trump as the answer to anything for the American people, then all hope is lost. He is a con-artist. The only thing you’re going to be left holding is a bill because he’s going to stiff the American people like he stiffs all his other debts.

But go ahead and keep believing in your great White savior. I guess you believe in Santa Claus, God, the Easter Bunny, and fairies too.

Anyway, Trump told the police to rough us suspects. Make sure you watch the video so you can hear him say it with his own mouth. The FBI are federal police/special agents. Keyword …special…for special kinds of crimes. The FBI did what the commander in chief told them to do lol. Funny how your butts are hurting about that! As usual in the world of Whiteness, the rules are for other people, not White people and wealthy crooks.

Apparently roughing up and injuring “suspects” (Which Roger Stone is according to his ARREST WARRANTSa judge signed off on) only applies to people not in his sphere, socio-economic bracket. Just can’t win with you people! Always twisting the rules to suit your needs.

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