If you slap me once on each cheek, I have no more cheeks for you to slap. Am I supposed to be nice and kind until you stop slapping me?

White wives, sisters, aunts, grandmas, and cousins, mistreat, mislabel, deflate, dismiss, and destroy my sons in the public school system. Should I smile as I massage my sons’ souls, hated because they are young Black boys who will grow up to become Black men? Do I wait for the cops to stop harrassing them when they jog? Walk? Wash their cars at the car wash? Ride in cars with a car full of their college friends?

Should I not be tired, frustrated, and pissed? Can I express myself without being policed by White men?

I work my ass off to get a position in management only to supervise jealous White people who refuse to mind me or comply with my desires — even going as far to stab me in the back and sabatoge my projects collectively. Should I be nice until they stop? Should I be quiet for another 25 years? I’ll be 75 by then.

Screw that!

What White people REFUSE to understand is that we spend our entire lives putting up with bullshit, being nice and quiet. The way you slid in here to tell me how I should behave without taking into consideration the content of this piece says something about you too. Policing the way we express our pain happens so frequently you couldn’t possibly imagine.

You’re privileged.

People like you come here into our comments and seem to be only concerned with how we put the food on the table so you can eat it, easily digest it.

People like you don’t give a damn about the person who prepared the meal so you could eat it.

I don’t care about who gets offended by what I write. They can go elsewhere to be comfortable. The people here to learn are here because they want to be. They aren’t asking me to be nice. They understand Black people are frustrated and tired.

I am tired. We are tired. Black people are tired.

You want us to give out award cookies for coming to the party 400 years late, and you’re still asking for more time to get your collective shit together.

I can’t say it enough. I’m not being nice, I’m being me and if my message ain’t for you, please find a nicer Black person to get a word from. If you think this is not nice, clearly you don’t spend time around revolutionary Black people.

In any event, save your tone-policing. I have enough police in my life already.

I don’t care about White comfort or White feelings. You guys are killing us in every way possible and all you have to say for yourselves is wait and be nice. Say it differently. Say it better. I can’t.

Use. That. Energy. Same. To. Talk. To. White. People. About. Their. Behavior. Your priorities are misplaced. Don’t come here trying to comfort White people and White feelings.


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