If you’re not discussing equality and systemic racism, you’re not really working on race relations. I wish you well on your works. I simply gave you my interpretation as a Black person reading your essay. You’re writing about me a Black person of color, to White people. You most certainly don’t have to listen to my views. Clearly you’ve already made up your mind about us.

Good luck with your efforts. Healing is needed for sure, but when you come into our communities with “healing hands” and a preconceived notion about a people you’ve spent a limited time around, it’s going to be a problem. Blacks are not a monolith. Neither is the everyday racism people of color (Blacks) must subject themselves to in order to simply exist in the country.

Having a Black significant other doesn’t make you in any way an expert on what’s wrong with us or the way we perceive racism. If anything, your commentary exemplifies the issues and perceptions among people of color. We perceive differently.

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