I’ll never understand why men continue to desire to regulate women’s health without any punishment/consequences for men who engage in sex to aid in the conception of an unwanted pregnancy. It’s such archaic behavior and says more about the men and women going along with the stupidity than it doesa woman in need of an abortion.

But I have solutions.

Let’s have abortion buses that take women across state lines to have them. Let’s call it abortion tourism…kinda like sex tourism American men engage in at home and abroad. The kind they don’t want to talk about.

Ban Viagra, Cialis, and all ED drugs. Since men are culprits too of this abortion cannipution men are having, lets stop their penises from rising. Let’s punish the citizenry equally here.

Charge men with crimes for making unwanted kids too. Women don’t conceive alone. They shouldn’t be punished alone. Perhaps that will stop privileged men from making abortion laws.

Increase state funding for foster care, group homes, education and all services which care for those unwanted children tossed into state systems due to abandonment, neglect, abuse, etc. It’s going to happen if you force people to keep kids they don’t want.

Tax churches. They want to engage in policing women not affiliated with religion and engage in politics when it suits them. Snatch those tax exempt statuses and make them contribute to those institutions in charge of caring for mothers stuck with unwanted pregnancies. Since they are making it hard for women, they need to take responsibility for the aftermath. Their members should be forced to care for the new babies they want to live right through adult hood.

Finally, women forced to have babies should deliver those new bundles of joys to every state representative’s office who voted for these restrictive abortion bans. Mostly men. Those offices should be safe havens. Since they care so much about babies not being killed and want to pass legislation to ensure it doesn’t happen, they need to start seeing the fruits of the labor. Take those babies to their wives/husbands and girlfriends/boyfriends too. That’ll teach’em. And put the state representative’s names on the birth certificates. They want babies, give them to them.

Legislators should not be allowed to make laws without seeing them long term impact of those laws. America does a shitty job already with orphans and the foster care system is irretrievably broken, under manned and underfunded. All these folks have done is made life harder for children. The results will be devastating for generations to come. Anyone voting in support of these bills without studying the existing failing overburdened child welfare systems is a fool, and it looks like we have ourselves aplenty.

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