I’m a little upset because I have feelings and I’m tired of asking for White people to respect us. Even when I’m minding my own business. Even when White people aren’t on my mind. Even when I’m simply trying to live — you’re bothering me, and you enjoy bothering me.

The question you should be asking yourself and other white people is why are you guys so angry? Why do you steal so much? Why do you insist on harming people of color? Why do you need us to validate yourselves? It’s as if White people have low-self-esteem and need something or someone so they can be a victim to receive more attention? Why can’t White people be fair — why don’t you learn how to play games and do life without cheating? Why don’t your religion and your actions align? Why can’t White people see that all men really are created equal? Why can’t you see institutional and structural racism? Why do you have such a hard time taking responsibility for your historically bad behavior?

Now, you can take all that I have said and do what most White people usually do — make it about your feelings — tell me that I’m saying you’re broken or you’re fatally flawed so why keep expecting anything of you — blah blah blah.

Black. People. Are. Tired. Of. White. Peoples. Gaslighting. David.

I’m not angry — just tired. You will NEVER know how tired people of color are. If you read pieces on race by various ethnic groups — we all have this same theme. We try, we never fit n, we changed — it never works, and we’re tired.

Then people like you will write an essay deflecting. It’s senseless. Why is it so hard for White people to just say I’m sorry. I’m privileged. I’m going to do better. I do this thing in my spaces to ensure Whites know their privilege and aren’t abusing it. I work with policy makers to try to right centuries of wrong.

Instead we’re having a conversation about my words because White folks are fragile and can’t handle the truth or don’t want to hear the truth. It’s like coddling a sick baby or something! Nobody has time for that.

I’m not attacking White people, I’m simply giving them the history of education post Brown vs. Board of Ed and explaining why people are comfortable in their racism. Look after 300+ years, why in the heck to you think Black people want to keep coddling White folks.

Whether Whites can change is up to them. People break generational curses all the time. They become the first in their family to do good things like go to and complete college. Get a good job. Buy a home. Get rich. The list goes on. With that said, why can’t Whites undo their racism in the same way, and not just undo it — intentionally make the lives better for people of color. Do it because it’s right. Do meaningful things. Stop segregating yourselves then trying to act like Jerry Falwell or Billy Graham telling us our rewards are in heaven for the hell White people put us through today.

David…you will never know the stress we feel talking about issues of race. And you will never clearly understand how frustrating it is to have conversations because we have to keep telling White people crap that’s in books, that’s been studied and researched. Stuff that’s been validated and invalidated. It’s there…White people just won’t do the work to improve themselves to make life easier for people of color. I don’t really care if someone White doesn’t want to receive from me.

If I would have taken that attitude, I would have never completed high school, because I had racist teachers. I wouldn’t have completed college — because I had racist instructors that made their discontent and views known (i.e. confederate flags in the classroom). I would have never been able to maintain a professional job because every employer I’ve ever had was White. I learned good, valuable things from White people — but I learned a hell of a lot of hate from them too.

I took the good and used it, and I took the bad and learned from it. I know my evils. White people seemingly can’t or won’t do that. They don’t have too…because they are always on top. So you White people have a choice to receive wisdom (specifically non-White wisdom) that can help you be better — -or you can debate, ask questions, and pretend to be the ignorant devils advocate when we Black folks know full well you know better. We really don’t have time for this. Our lives are on the line.

It’s like our homes are on fire — but you White people (the fireman) are holding the water that could put the fire out. You just watch our shit burn with grins and smiles. As long as you possess the power — you’re happy. If you can’t understand the burning, the pain, and the stress for hearing it and seeing it — then that’s a shame. You will forever be our problems.

We Black writers are writing our views to express ourselves and to highlight how White people have Whitewashed history to forget and neglect us — then you have the audacity to question our self-awareness.

Education on White Supremacy and the institutions that feed White Supremacy is the problem. It impacts us all, but it harms us more when Whites refuse to educate themselves. You don’t have to talk to me or read my essays. Just read books and learn about White supremacy and institutional racism. Then do better. Then come tell us what you’re doing. I’ll be happy as a pig in slop.

I can tell you all the things I do for a variety of ethnic and subgroups in America to make this world better. I don’t just selfishly serve and worry about Black people. I wish White people would do the same!

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