I’m assuming you ask Black and Brown people these questions by your too because you never indicated specifically who else you ask these questions? Do you know whether they find it offensive? Do you watch their body language? How did you know they were okay with your line of questioning? Did you care?

Here is the problem on your statement (I’m really not trying to be a smart ass here) to help you see how privileged your response is.

When I, a Black person, read your statement, all I saw and heard is you, privilege White person, being dismissive about your actions, going on to imply you do this to White people so it’s okay. You’ve justified your behavior without giving any thought to the fact you could be being racist, intrusive, or a combination of both.

The problem is too many White people are walking around like overseers of plantations. You act as if it’s okay to violate others because its apart of your DNA White folks are trying to forget instead of reprogramming yourselves. Whites do whatever they want, say whatever they want, and act however they want and it’s okay with you. Your comment makes perfectly clear you’re okay with your behavior. It says nothing about the feelings of other people you engage with.

And that’s the problem.

You’ve not had to worry about the feelings of non-White people for so long, the attitude that everything is okay because you do it has been ingrained in your mind and heart. It’s wrong. It never crosses the minds of White people maybe I’m out of line. Maybe I’m no longer entitled to invade every space. Maybe my questions are intrusive/racist. Just because you do these things to everyone doesn’t make it right. Just because you’re okay with your actions doesn’t mean they aren’t rooted in White Supremacy. Just because you do it doesn’t mean it’s well-received or appreciated.

Trust me on this. It’s not okay. And if you don’t have a collection of Black and Brown friends you can have real, honest discussions about “White people shit,” you really don’t know.

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