I’m curious as to why you don’t know any better! Why don’t you know WHITE PEOPLE who ask stupid questions such as yourself control everything from governance, public education, city/urban planning, tech, media, banking, publishing, entertainment. WHITE PEOPLE cheat to stay in control so they can maintain autonomy over non-White bodies. By doing so, WHITE PEOPLE also get to control what history is told. I said what I said, I meant what I said, and if you did some research and talked to people outside of White ones you’d know what this means.

I can’t undestand why this is so fuckin hard for ya’ll. Saying White people wasn’ sweeping, broad, or general, it’s facts. There is data to back it up.

Google is free. Use. It.

White people shouldn’t get to determine what’s racist, and they shouldn’t govern anymore for that matter. Look at what they do when you give them power.

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