I’m glad you said it because I’m there. I’m tired of rich celebrities acting as brokers to part me from my money to give to charity. Nobody fucking needs them. They act as middle men and get all the credit for getting the poor to part ways with their coins while they maintain theirs.

And speaking of Gabrielle Union, and I’m really tired of her parading rich around on Instagram. She stays in my news feed because I live in South Florida I guess, but if I never see her again being richity-rich in her big mansion, sipping wine with her retired rich NBA hubby I’m good. While many Floridians struggle to get unemployment checks after months of not working…she’s ballin out of control in her ocean front mansion. Cmon man. Be humble.

Add Diddy and his let’s dance challenge. It was a hot mess just to raise 3 million dollars. He showcased his beautiful family, talked to celebs, got some donations, but who was the event really for? Healthcare workers or Diddy and his kids? Why not just donate 3 million dollars and not involve us? I could go on but these celebrities better learn how to chill. People are going to start putting things together soon and it’s gonna be a wrap. I’m ready for the eat the rich movement. Maybe they’ll be humbled.

There is nothing wrong with being still, being quiet, and being invisible while the rest of us struggle to make it. They should do that ASAP. We don’t have PPE available to us. How do you ask sruggling folks and unprepared citizens to help someone else before they’ve helped themselves and their own families? It’s bold. It’s shameful. It’s unfair, and I’m tired of celebrity shittery. If they want to do something, they can all just call up their rich/famous friends and get it done. Leave us regular struggling folks out of their ploy charitable PR campaigns.

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