I’m here to teach and talk to those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and the willingness to do life differently now they’ve seen the real America. Thank you for sharing your story and know this is what my words are all about. I just want to make life better for us all, both Black and White people. Heck, all people for that matter, but especially Black and White relationships. Black people don’t want revenge, they just want peace, and something as simple as to having a conversation with a White friendly person without them centering themselves, taking over the conversation, getting all bent out of shape and defensive, or shutting down is a big deal. Good on you for hanging in there.

When your guard is down you can see and hear our pain. You see us a human beings, then we can move forward toward real change. That change must take place with White people leading the charge. You should continue to sit at the table with your Black friends, listen, contribute, and figure out meaningful ways to repair and build where you live. Change starts locally and you’re off to a great start. I’m thankful my words help make sense during this most confusing time.

I hope I can continue to help. That’s all I want to do. Learning must take place before change begins. Thanks so much again for reading.

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