I’m just floored at how bold White men and women are with their racist remarks. Always appalled at how little the media and White people reprimand them. Why is it White absurdity goes viral, but the rebuke never follows? It’s complacency and since threats don’t involve them personally they are not vested in correcting the problem. Until White people are harmed for being perceived as N-word lovers by White nationalist like they were back in the day, nothing is going to happen. White women are going to stand by their men. They love the good life, and they won’t make any bones about it.

Drama, pain moves and motivates them. Time and time and they get the chance to give a voice for the voiceless and stand up against their own people to stop fascists.

Black women need to be worried all the time these days. White people (men) physically kill black men. The emotionally and verbally abuse Black women, making up all kids of bullshit to keep up the Whitelash. And they’ll use religion when racism doesn’t work. The old playbook keeps working, sadly.

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