I’m not angry. I just tell white people what we see and what they don’t want to hear. Your privilege allows you to check out, and that’s good for you if that’s what you need to keep you comforted. Please read what makes you comfortable Linda. You’ve centered yourself. How you feel instead of how an entire group of people feel and experience America.

Be Black for a lifetime, then perhaps you can talk to me about not being angry, my views of America, and the need to be nice and palatable to and for white people.

Youve done what most white people do when the going gets tough. Y’all get going. That’s typical and predictable.

And the fact you needed to come and let me know you unfollowed me as you tone police when you have the freedom to not open anything I create says more about you than it does me.

Best wishes. Please stay safe and comfortable. Some of us don’t have such a luxury.

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