I'm not averse to vaccines or some medicines. My children were vaccinated and so am I. This specific vaccine and the push I don't trust, right now.

Here in America they push drugs like crazy. I've learned from working with the medical community directly and indirectly doctors prescribe plenty of medications we don't need, because they get perks from pharma.

My ex-husband was a nurse and he explained to me how pharma comes and peddles their new drugs and doctors barely read the side effects and studies. They just prescribe them meds and have us out here addicted, dying from liver failure and dialysis and other issues.

I was clear in the piece what I believe in and I have said I wasn't anti-vaccination. I'm not sure where the cross up is happening with my White readers.

I'd ask you to read the comments from White commenters and the Black ones and see where the focuses are.

The racism is the problem, and White people are hung up on the autism study, not the racism they created, enabled, ignored, and sustained.

I'm not anti-vaccine. I just don't trust our lying, racist government. I'm not sure why that's so hard for anyone to grasp, or why they can't see it's reasonable.

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