I’m really sorry you feel this way. You’ve made this all about your feelings for doing the right thing. We Blacks didn’t create racism. We’re victims of it. You at least get an escape. You can stop being an ally and just be White. I’m not suggesting you do, just making a point.

I can’t change my name, I can’t change my skin. I can’t stop being a Black woman, America’s mule. I just deal with it.

Can you imagine what its like going in to be interviewed by all White people for a job? Going to a Chamber of Commerce event and being the only Black person? Being the only Black Executive Director in the state of a sexual assault center? I can’t tell you all the stories I have of being the only or the first Black and the hell I caught. I can’t tell you all the flaky, scary White women I’ve had the displeasure of working with. Ones who stabbed me in the back instead of standing up for me. Ones who threw me under a bus instead of standing up to the Whiteness they knew was bullying me.

I’m disappointed in White people. I’ve spent my entire life waiting on White people collectively to be the change I could believe in. I’m still waiting. I get you’re disappointed. I’m disappointed too.

But are you afraid?

Is anyone coming to kill you because of the color of your skin? Are you getting threats because of your skin color? Are you mistreated in stores, even as you age? Do you worry about your sons if you have some? Do you fear them coming in contact with police? Do you worry about your kids being overlooked for promotions because of

racial discrimination?

I heard you too. It sounds like you’re either tired of being an ally or need accolades and ego strokes for fighting for equality and doing what’s right. This isn’t that essay.

I’m tired of White people being comfortable. If that’s not you, you shouldn’t be offended. It’s time to stop centering your feelings. We’re dealing with at least 400 years of racism and inequality. Give us a break.

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