I’m so full right now. All I can say is thank you. I have no idea how my thoughts will inspire or anger, I just write what I feel and see. As for staying focused and centered on trolls and racist, working in the nonprofit sector with White people taught me a lot about the tricks they use to steal our power, causing us to stray from our positions. Plus I love politics and policy. I see how they work for their common good.

I enjoy connecting the dots while slaying racist dragons as you noted (lol). Who knew going at it with my Black classmates in middle and high school was preparing me for Medium? Life comes full-circle when you least expect it.

The biggest tricks White folks use to decenter us are anger, tears, and distractions (whataboutitis). I have studied them for sometime which helps me stay ready for them when they come through my comments. I try intentionally to be the spanking their parents never gave them. No one gets white privilege in my comments. No one. I hope you also decenter whiteness when engaging with your readers. Decentering is the first order of business. They have the whole world. I ain’t giving them my comment section (lol).

I’m never allowing whiteness to center itself in my comments. Sometimes my comment sections are so filled I can’t address all the comments, but I try to leave enough so that my readers can understand one thing, I’m unapologetically Black and I am not allowing White people to run my pieces.

Some days it’s frustrating dealing with so many ignorant people, but I began to think of Medium as a different type of classroom. I wanted to teach people willing to learn about racism in a different way. Never in a million years did I think I would have so many amazing followers. I’m so grateful to inspire and uplift my people. Some days I feel hopeless, but I never feel like giving up.

I’m especially grateful when family feel spoken for, believed in, valued, and protected. That’s what Black mothers do. We look out for all of us because we know there is always danger lurking in a crack or alley waiting to engulf us. I write to protect us. I want my people to know I love them as the world hates us.

We need an army to whip White folks into shape before the 2020 election. Those in power have an agenda, and it’s to enslave as many people as they can to enrich themselves and to maintain White power. We know what time it is, but we must teach White folks so they can understand how they harm us all by being so blind to whiteness and apathetic to their anti-Blackness. I don’t want to be a slave. Period.

I feel blessed to know you have the courage to put all that you’ve seen out here for the masses. Black women have so much insight to racism in America. I like to say Black women are America’s moral compasses. If we don’t speak out and stop America from hanging itself, the good is going to suffer with the bad.

I’m excited to hear what you have to say about the state of these raggedy states of America and white supremacy. Set captives free honey!!!! Deliver white people from their racist evil. Enlighten the ignorant and embolden the meek.

Come thru queen. Come thru.

We need more independent free thinkers. There work is plenty, the laborers are few.

Thank you so much for sacrificing your peace to write about our pain. I am grateful you have chosen to make the sacrifice. I feel blessed to have played a role in that decision. Now I just hope I can live up to my self (lol).

Love ya Sis. Do work. I got ya back!

Marley K.~ Resident Trouble-in-Chief (lol), storyteller, and occassional freedom fighter

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