I’m so glad you responded with your wonderful analysis of White people. I hope all is well with you and you’re being safe. Covid-19 is coming for us like the klan, it’s the perfect killer. You always have White folks pegged so well. I don’t have to reiterate what we already know about them. What’s interesting is watching the world be politely silent on our stupidity and exceptionalism fail. It’s humiliating to watch. We’ve screwed over so many people and been the bully for so long, people don’t even try to help us. We’re too proud to even ask for help. Some of our problems were self-inflicted. Trump intentionally sabotaged us. He wants us to fail. When he finishes with America it’s going to look like Atlantic City.

I appreciate we don’t have any of the blood on our hands. I hate we’re victims of his plot. White men have made a concerted effort to harm nearly every major minority voting block. They started with the Hispanics, and migrants, then moved to the Caribbean community. They marched shouting Jews would not replace them and began shooting up synagoges, now Covid-19 is the China or Wuhan flu. Lastly, the Coronavirus is hurting Blacks, Hispanics, and the poor. White men have decided it’s okay for our elderly in nursing homes and long-term care facilities to die from Covid-19, and the disabled in many states cannot receive testing or treatment. White men are doing this here in America and no one has anything to say about our own atrocities. It’s pretty amazing.

I am so happy the world is getting to see how America really works (and doesn’t work). White men have always prevented America from working the way it should and being the nation it’s intended to be on paper. Some things never change. From George Washington to Donald Trump, most White men are alike, and it’s frightening. They are the nightmare we can’t seem to get away from. White pacifiers are good for no one.

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