I’m so sad reading this because you clearly have no understanding of this moment, nor did you mention the race war on the horizon. Patriots are buying guns at an alarming rate, so much so that they can’t keep guns and ammo in the stores. White people are preparing for a race war incited by a racist president. Every aspect of our society has been infiltrated by overt racist now ready to do the President’s bidding. From federal law enforcement, to No-Gos (National Guards) to people high up in the administration who have the power and ability to FORCE liberal workers to do what they desire for those paychecks you’ve noted.

No one expected this man to be so terrible except Black people, and he is as every bit as terrible as we knew he would be. The fact you’re praising and believing in America’s racist institution’s after 45 has clearly hijacked the nation is pretty unbelievable. Too many patriots are white supremacists just like the founding fathers, and your piece skirted the subject completely.

America will fall because White people are blind. By the time you all figure out what’s happening, the collapse will have already happening. We are being led by an evil, mentally unstable man. The people who are in his administration, the real villians, are the ones who have an agenda to remain in power. America’s minority will soon become the majority and White people are afraid they are going to get what they’ve dished out. Enough white people are in power to make this happen.

I know what I see, and I’m not putting my eggs in American patriotism’s basket. Patriotism is and always has been about racism. Sadly, too many white people are too indifferent to read history books to make that connection. There won’t be a vote in November, and if there is, the Black and Brown folks will either be obstructed so we can’t vote or killed off in their race war to intimidate the massess of us trying to get his ass outta, ensuring he remains in office.

Where is the patriotism in that and why are you so out of touch with the realities of this moment in our history?

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