I’m so sorry for the late reply Julie, thank you so much for your empathy. I appreciate your thoughts and insight about some of the issues parents may endure from undiagnosed mental health issues. Sadly, these people don’t just harm family, they harm their community and innocent people they come in contact with. He’s starting to talk like he has some sense now, but after so much damage has been done. His reputation is mud now, no one believes anything he says, and it’s hard to trust he’ll do the right thing, but you can’t keep holding on to the past — I guess.

Still, it’s hard for me to trust he’ll be different. I have been burned so many times, and I’m tired of being used. I’m too old, times are getting a little harder, and as I get older I’m beginning to think I won’t have anyone to care for me (not this kid anyway). I need to be a better steward of my time and resources. Thank you so much for understanding my parenting dilemma. It’s not easy to share, but I know there are many of us in the world, suffering alone. I hope these comments help to ease the pain.

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