I’m so sorry you feel you received the short stick and we’re abandoned. My son wasn’t abandoned. He left on his own. He got tired of my parenting and protecting. He disliked our rules but wanted our money. I paid for him to go to college and barely passing high school and he left. Just didn’t apply himself. Kids are selfish, even as infant and toddlers. As a mother I spent years giving to my kids. I had one kid before my unruly son and one after him. I couldn’t forsake the two just to save the one ungrateful child. I also must save myself. If I give my everything to my son until he figures out his life….my life whithers away in the meantime with no guarantee the generosity and kindness will be repaid in the future as I age. My son doesn’t call me for my birthday. He never sends cards. Nothing.

He always forgets me, I never forget him.

Most kids think parents have no feelings and have an unlimited supply if love, money, and feelings tough as steel. It’s not true. We are human, we get tired, and we expect to see some fruit from our labor. My son tells people who don’t know me I’m not supportive. Those who know us know I fought for him til the end.

Your life sounds a little like mines. But your situation does not resemble my son’s. Maybe your parents had an issue with your sexuality? I don’t know it’s hard to say. Parents shouldn’t be judged because we freed ourselves from taxing young adults. I tried and I feel good about my efforts.

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