I’m so sorry you have been ill. Glad you’re back. I’ve been thinking about how much time I spend on Medium and I feel like I need to create something quite frequently, even if I don’t publish it. I have been able to make a little money here, but not like I thought it was going to. I stopped thinking about Medium in terms of money. I now use it to craft my skill, write my thoughts, and do something I’ve always loved doing. Some thoughts are better than others, but I feel I write for me. If someone enjoys it, cool. If not, cool. One day someone will discover it. Maybe (lol).

Medium can become an addiction like the rest of social media sites if we allow it. I just dislike social media, and I love meaningful, thoughtful engagement. The things we post here we can’t post on Facebook or Instagram because it’s too long and the attention span of readers these days are so short. I tend to write long pieces so my readership I tend to think are people who are thinkers. I realize it’s going to take time to cultivate a large following and perhaps make money along the way and I’m fine with that. I want dedicated people who read everything instead of having a one fly by night essay that goes viral and I become a one-hit wonder.

People are fickle, but you are right to re-evaluate your desires and priorities after such an illness. I hope you don’t stop writing. I love your words. I’m glad you’re better.

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