I'm sorry. This was a really sad story. I reminds of the issues in the Black, Hispanic/Latinx and Indigenous communities here in the states. We make up the majority of the incarcerated, missing and never found, and most likely to be killed in police custody.

Blacks make up 13% of America's population. The Native American populations make up 5% of the nation's population.

This isn't right and we all know why.

The real question is when will White people take responsibility for this problem. If you have a 5lb bag of white sugar, and you mix in 1 cup of brown sugar with it, the majority of the sugar will still be White, right?

Racism happens and distorts everything. Black and Brown people are tired all over the world. I hope White people take this time to reflect and understand people are really tired. We just want to be free from constant threats coming from White people.

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