I’m sorry feminists left you high and dry when you shared your trauma, but that’s how feminism works really. Only White women, their trauma, and many of their unwarranted fears are centered. It’s their movement. It’s was created by them, for them to compete for power with patriarchy and White Supremacy (which always centered White men).

#MeToo was hijacked from Black women trying to have a conversation about our childhood sexual abuses and trauma ignored by White SA/DV advocates. They took it like they do everything, coopted it, and left us out. Boys sexually assaulted/molested is glossed over by that movement because it’s roots were coopted by White women who must center themselves. We women, the givers of life, must move to ensure all victims of sexual abuse are seen and heard, regardless of gender and/or age. We must also recognize and avoid movements which exclude or favor genders. We are human beings, brothers, sisters, and cohabitants of the earth. We must fight for each other and protect on another. Anyone who isn’t isn’t doing either of these things is an enemy I’d say. Feminism is an enemy and a threat in my opinion.

I hope more men share their abuse so that we can help decrease occurences. Thank you for telling your story. It’s hard to do so.

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