I’m there. I have spent the last three weeks away from my partner and her children because I require alone time. She doesn’t like it, but it’s the only way I can stay in a relationship with her and it’s non-negotiable. It’s time that I absolutely can’t get when I’m with her. Sometimes I don’t want to talk, and not doing so is seen to be rude by many. I believe in personal space, most people have no idea how to give that to people. Cellphones on speaker, talking non-stop, or simply not allowing a space to be silent for an extended period of time (especially children/teens). I need space.

Sometimes I don’t want to move. I’m more creative. I remember my own thoughts and can solve my own problems. Everyone needs personal space. Being in love doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in each others butts 24/7. Most people never learn that lesson, and end up being miserable. People need a time-out from people. We’re better off without it.

I have no regrets for taking my private time away, especially when my work slows and I end up being home more often. My mental health is important, and my self-awareness protects me. If people can’t understand and respect that they don’t really deserve to be in your life. It’s time out for accommodating selfishness and insecurity. I’m alone, but not lonely (ending Christmas, but time well spent).

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