I’m thinking (with my former HR hat) after Twitter uses discovered the guys talking about stealing from them before, they uncovered surveillance video to back up the days the guy noted they were going to steal food. Maybe they have receipt numbers that coincides with dates they were in the restaurant and they observed someone else stealing in the group. Maybe someone found some other private info and gave it to Chipotle to vindicate the manager. There has to be some proof, I suppose.

I’ve only been a few times but I never felt like it was so good I needed to go back. It was a trend/healthy kick thing folks fall for…kinda like Whole Paycheck Food Store. There is nothing memorable about the place. Getting sick is definitely a reason to never go back, as E-coli can kill ya. Like you I hope the manager gets something for the trouble she endured. As for the guy, his profile is on private now with no photo, of course.

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