In time, things will get better but will never be the same. I had a close friend do that to me. She literally ruined my wedding. She was my director (she offered to be the wedding director). My friend was so rude to my guests at my wedding they all were figuring out she was jealous. I had the cheapest wedding one could have. It was my second as well. She knew all about me, and like you I owed her for the happy person I’d become. She was single, had never been married, never had kids… and I suppose she felt the same way except she never said it. It changed our relationship for years. We eventually started talking again and I have seen her a few times over the years. The wounds have healed (I divorced again), but I’ll never forget that green-eyed jealousy coming from my friend on my wedding day. It cuts like a knife, and demonstrates just how important marriage is to someone people. This was a sad reminder for me. I’d forgotten about it until your essay on your experience. I enjoyed your piece.

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