Interesting posting. I was a single-mom, and then I was a formerly single mom when I remarried 15 years later. So, have experienced both worlds. When I was a single mom, I was estranged from my family most of time as a parent so I made my own family and friends. I had plenty of single parent friends, and lots of took turns babysitting for each other, and we all would go out together. It was cool and needed during that phase of life. Were there flakes and backstabbers, yes indeed. I have battle wounds to prove it.

As I got older, as my life goals became clearer, and as my career/work goals developed, changed, and flourished…so did my friendships. Even when I married my single friends saw me differently. That’s their problem, not yours.

Additionally, childhood/children brings about certain situations that some people simply aren’t equipped with. Sometimes friends love you, but your kid is extra baggage they don’t have the time or desire to carry simply put. I got that. I respected it. I made a choice to have a kid, some of my friends chose not to…so our priorities, needs, and desires eventually caused us to part ways. It’s painful, but I understand that’s just life.

People change. You change. People will grow, and you will too. People will be envious, sometimes to the detriment of the relationship. ..and sometimes it may be you who is envious.

When the nature of your friendships change, simply place them in their new category of acquaintances and expect it to happen more. It takes a long time to find a good friend, and you’ll be able to count on one hand how many good friends you’ll accrue by the end of your life. Cherish the moments, and try to be the friend you want to have.

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