Interesting topic and parallels. Trump’s agenda is an Evangelical, Christian, Fascist agenda. It’s not actually his agenda though, because he is too stupid and disconnected to know how to disenfranchise this many people at once. He has help, a shadow government of Steve Bannons crazies who thinks if it ain’t White and straight it doesn’t matter and it ain’t right for the America they stole.

Any time you play, serve, work, worship, learn, or dine with Whiteness…we should know it comes with exclusions, discrimination, and a side of disrespect.

Funny side note: Did you know that VFWs (Veterans of Foreign Wars) are still segregated (at least they are in the South). My ex-husband said he’d never join because when he fought and served for 20 years they weren’t segregated, so why would he come home to only fellowship with only Black vets? And who knows where other vets fellowship of different ethnic groups, if at all. The military is not as diverse as we’d like to think it is. Just look at the base commanders and generals. Tells ya all you need to know. America pledges allegiance to Whiteness. Straight,white, stereotypical strong men. Anything deviations must be stopped.

Your trans story isn’t shocking at all. America is always doing too damn much.

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