Internet dating is terrible. It was fun when I first started, but eventually, it started getting boring, and predatory. I felt like men had so many options because there are so many single women, they seemed to be looking for sex, not relationships. Being middle-aged took away lots of my patience for shenanigans (I already had little tolerance for bullshit), but online dating and hookup sites were too much for my liking. They are great for just getting sex, terrible for finding relationships for most people.

I had to learn how to filter men (and women) on dating sites. Bad grammar and typos were an automatic nope! Did not follow the directions (no dick pics)…nope! No substance appears to be not interested, too short on word…nope. Let’s not even talk about the Nigerian boyfriend send me some money scams lol…nope, nope, nope! Foolish criteria to weed out nonsense. We’re all just going through the motions over and over again for no reason.

I like putting on clothes and going out for face to face interactions so that I can gauge in person whether I’m getting involved with sugar or shit!

Internet dating is simply another tool to collect intimate data (and photos) in order to sell or hold hostage for another day. No one benefits but the online dating sites with their bots and fees to chat. Just go old school. It still works. I get hit on all of the time and I can at least have real meaningful conversations about stuff besides sex and personal stuff.

Dump online dating.

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