Is Money Worth Staying With an Uncaring Partner?

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It can be devastating.

But what about the man who has a wife or a long-term partner they live with? They are living two separate lives. The couple has over time checked out of their marriage, and they simply don’t care if either of them get sick. They are only together to avoid losing wealth. When either of them get sick, they don’t have a support system, they must go it alone.

He was stuck, and very lonely.

I met this gentleman online, and we had developed a very nice friendship. At the time, I was going through my own issues, so the companionship was nice. I was separating from my spouse for the some of the same reasons, and I thoroughly enjoyed his company. I wasn’t married to being married, nor did I care about any money/wealth I was leaving behind. My mental health and freedom was worth more than anything on earth.

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