It broke my heart too. I woke up every morning for about 2 weeks just thinking about all the people and systems who let that poor child down. Riding a greyhound bus alone to sign his college deal. Can you imagine? His story is so tragic and indictment on the break down of every system we have. School failed him. Extended family failed him. His community failed him. His parents failed him. Child welfare failed him. The mental health/health care system failed him. Florida failed him. Coaches failed him.

I didn’t know him but I feel like I failed him too. What’s most heartbreaking is how Bryce tried in the very end to get some sort of love from his mother which may have saved his life and she couldn’t see beyond her own mental health. We must do better. Even if the system is broken, we as community members must cradle our children. Our boys have no one, sometimes not even mama.

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