It doesn’t really make a difference where those rich people go. They are apart of the group which helped destroy this planet. The only thing they are going to do is go to some new place (space, Mars, Alaska, etc.) and f*ck that up too.

People like that don’t learn lessons. They only get more paranoid, more savage, greedier, and more selfish. Every where they go, they will destroy anything they come in contact with, be it people, environments and planets. They have a need to “make things better,” which is how we got here. After about 20–25 years we foolish humans finally figure that all the rich did was enriched themselves, took from and used the poor, and harmed our fragile environments and ecosystems directly and directly at every level (i.e big box stores, industrialization, automation, cars made of fiber glass, large waste producing manufacturing plants, or outsourcing jobs to foreign nations, putting many out of work and making it impossible to find new/better work, etc.).

Let them go destroy some new place! Be our guest!!! At least we won’t have to try to fix another lifetime of their “ingenious” ideas aka MESSES.

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