It is an absolute disgrace and an abomination the burden to check this president has been placed on voters next year. I want to say so much, but I just won’t! What I will say is nothing is going to happen, because White politicians (the majority of Congress is White) are not going to check the White gangster(s) within their ranks for fear of losing personally or politically. It just goes to show us how corrupt our systems are, how stupid our politicians are, and how little they care for the citizenry. Corporations run the government, and they don’t care about us either. Profits over people baby. It’s profits over people.

Don’t let the media pundits fool ya!

More of us will be dead and the rest of us will be fighting in a civil war much like citizens globally fighting against their corrupt governments. The whole government has sold us out. One person dying at the hands of nationally sanctioned White Supremacy is too many. The fact politicians haven’t put us out of our misery in order to “win” in 2020 tells me this is just a game to them. White Supremacy wins.

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