It is exhausting and it continues because white people suffer zero consequences. The Klan is over 100 years old and still isn’t labeled a domestic terrorist group. The man on LinkedIn did what he did and there was no punishment likely. He’s probably not banned from using the platform meaning he still gets to pimp himself as a good employee instead of a racist one.

He unnecessarily harassed Black folks for being great when he could have just observed and kept it moving. Then he gets to explain his way out of it when we all knew exactly what he meant. Again, no punishment. His power and privilege are intact while the Black men have yet another barb to deflect. No compensation for the humiliation and dishonor of their accomplishments or the time used to address racism injected into what was supposed to be a joyous occassion.

The more I watch the behavior of white people the more juvenile they appear. Some where along the way their emotional intelligence has been stunted and too many are incapable of not being inhumane to people of color, in particular Blacks. Racism is lucrative in America. So is being dumb.

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