It is sad Blacks can’t see the big picture. No White person will ever one bill one, one law, or one policy to address systemic and institutional racism because they cannot. You can’t make a person do anything, and they can’t stop racist from being racist.

We sit around, waiting on a savior and that savior gets killed or becomes an inadvertent gatekeeper for Whiteness like Rev Al Sharpton, Van Jones, Steve Harvey, Kanye, Jay-Z, and other woke Blacks who take checks from White people to lullaby us into accepting nice racism. And those rich asses who talk down to us after their sociopathic asses have become a member of the White man’s billionaire club are another crew distracting us from reality. They are the Pied Pipers of White Supremacy. Gatekeepers who prey on our desire for peace, religious beliefs, our desire to consume etc. If I’m injured and I can prove it, I’m suing from now on. There is nothing to lose by doing so.

We’re already losing. We stay losing, and instead of us sticking together we do the things you said.

My mother was the first person of color in the city of Columbia, SC to sue and win a lawsuit for racial discrimination against her employer. They kept bringing in White women and promoting them never promoting her. She of course was alienated during the process. She lost friends because the job threatened others of course. She cried a lot because of the lack of support. She was isolated as well for a season, but she won her case, got half a million dollars which was a lot of money back in the late 70s early 80s and made our lives somewhat better. And of course the naysayers came with their hands out and packs on the back. My mother wasn’t having any of it.

It didn’t stop racism, but it did teach the city a lesson. Now I have a model to go by.

If your own people are afraid, find another role model to encourage and inspire you and reach out to them. Our circles are small and sometimes we are not supportive of us defending ourselves. The more we allow racists to violate us, the more emboldened they become. They love money and they love to take our peace. We need to take both of those things back. White racists need to pay a price every time they injure us. If we can make claims for unseen injuries in car accidents, we surely can make claims for our unseen injuries related to White Supremacy and cultural racism. What’s the difference?

Racism causes (1)Bodily harm; (2)Pain and suffering; (3)Emotional distress; (4) Mental healh issues; (5) Physical decline.

We need to be compensated. Countless studies show the harm racism does to us and our children, and they all show Blacks suffer from racism the most and the longest. Sue honey even if it’s in magistrates court. You can plea your own case and wh. they don’t show up because they don’t take it seriously, you’ll win by default most times in many states. Stop allowing racists to capitalize from us.

I’m all in for using these racist systems against racists, one racist at a time! Sue, sue, sue, sue, sue and be encouraged lol!❤

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