It Looks Like President Obama May Just Get The Last Laugh After All

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Receipts… It looks like the Obama Administration had accrued plenty of them on Trump and his crew.

Slowly, but surely…the pieces of the Russian contacts and 2016 Election interference puzzles are coming together.

Obama’s intel community knew what was going on all awhile. After years of harassing President Obama with foolery, he’d finally be able to get revenge.

Obama stumped Trump up, royally. The DOJ and Intel community even gave him some bread crumbs hoping he would find his way to redemption. Instead, he fired folks thinking that would get rid of the intel community’s receipts.

It didn’t work.

It’s funny. Donald Trump called President Obama, the then sitting President, the worst President in American history.

The deflector-and-projector-in-chief does what he does best…he tells on himself.

Is it possible Trump knew he was going to win and that he’d go down in history as the worst President in American history? I say yes, he knew he would be the worst President ever…

In any event, it soon shall be revealed.

President Obama and his very little drama administration left us receipts. The alleged worst President in American has silently outsmarted the real worst President in American history.

It seems President Obama will get the last laugh after all, courtesy of Russia.

The lesson: Be careful what you say to people. You never know who is watching you, and they may come for you with receipts.

Marley K, January 2019

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