It really is depressing Ray. I tried to tell my family members to get passports in 2016. No one did it even though they had the money. Now, you can’t get a passport. They are stuck. Even if we flee, nobody wants us (Black people). White people fleeing will have a better chance at starting over than Black folks. We can’t go to the Caribbean either because their economies are driven by White tourism. You’re leaving one slave industry to go to another reliant upon White folks sustaining you.

Afro-Caribbean countries also aren’t set up to sustain themselves. Like most Black people, we’ve exported all of our talent into White spaces. They have contributed to building up White communities and businesses while feeding White Supremacy without realizing it. I visited Barbados and was seriously interested in relocating, but after speaking with a native businsess owner, I saw the difficulties in making the transition. They import 90% of their food and goods. They don’t have agriculture. They don’t feed themselves. Young people aren’t interested in farming and other industries needed to sustain communities. Our people have been taught to get a job and work for someone else — leaving Black communities without a way to sustain themselves. We must rely on others to take care of us.

If the young aren’t keeping communities alive, it dies. No need to leave the problem I know for a new one.

We are in a bad way no matter how you look at it for sure. It’s too late for the light bulb to come on. It’s too late to start our own communities. The only thing we can do is try to use the land we have to feed ourselves, but just like during Jim Crow and immediately after slavery, when we tried to create anything to sustain ourselves, White people destroy it. They don’t want us to gather, and they don’t want us to care for ourselves. They don’t want to take care of us, and they don’t want us to care for each other. They simply don’t want us to exist.

As for us, I just don’t even know where to begin. I can do 10 essays on WTF is wrong with us and why we can’t get right (lol). I have worked in the nonprofit sector, professional fundraising, and in higher ed. I have tried to use my professional skills to build Black communities teaching them the same “tricks and loopholes” White orgs and businesses use to cater to them (except the leadership is always White) to no avail. We are as addicted to White Supremacy as White people. We need to decolonize our minds and our lives. We don’t want to sacrifice for ourselves. Many of us can’t because we’re so intertwined in capitalism.

It’s a mess. A mess that seems to be insurmountable. The only thing we can do is try to have our little Black networks of family and friends and cut off any dead limbs unwilling to contribute or unable to see what’s coming. I have tried my best to warn my folks. My sibs are current or ex-military, and my dad grew up during Jim Crow. We are straight. We know what time it is. I have made sure my sons are straight.

All we can do is prepare. We knew what was going to happen if they elected this monster and his racist friends. Here we are. There is no need to continue saying I can’t believe White people did this. We must now see White people for who they are. They’re committed to their racism. So we must be committed to making them understand we aren’t going back, by any means necessary.

Trust me when I tell you that in no way am I fooled. I know American history, so I know what’s getting ready to happen. It’s not going to be pretty. There is nowhere to run or hide.

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