It’s definitely cultural I would say. I love Southern culture where at least most of us were taught to be decent, even if we decide not to be. I can travel all over the country and people know I’m southern because of how I great and speak. Human decency costs nothin. It’s easy. I keep in mind I never know who will have to rescue me one day. I don’t want anyone to spare a moment giving it a second thought because I didn’t respect, value, or bond with my fellow humans. Misidentification of Black people demonstrates a lack of connection, which is why the word of certain groups should be taken lightly when attempting to identify alleged perps of crime when victims are not Black. You can’t clearly identify people you can’t see. They should stop being scared and make eye contact. Engage. Face their fears.

Thanks for sharing what American imperialism looks like to outsiders. It’s ugly, but I love the fact I can exclude myself from being one of those forgetful people.

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