It’s eye opening when you hear or see something age-inappropriate or content which suggests illegal/predatory behavior. It’s all around us abd you’re right it’s in movies, in music especially hip-hop culture, on television, and reality television. We look at child stars and wonder why they are up screwed up as adults. Never once do we concern ourselves with the trauma possibly inflicted upon the child by predators in an industry. Even the Whitney Houston endured trauma from sexual abuse she never could quite come to terms with. Notice how her mom still acts today. Her reputation is everything, at the expense of the child.

The Black community eats its own, and no socio-economic status is exempt from this tragedy it appears.

There were plenty of times we witnessed child exploitation and child sexual abuse packaged as entertainment. The Blue Lagoon was a perfect example. Make a movie in the islands where the U.S. rules don’t apply and allow predators to craft child porn, supported and encouraged by the parents.

Brooke Shields went off into the sunset not long after that to try and live a normal life out of the spot light. She noted years later she suffered from mental health issues. I wonder why.

Her innocence was stolen from her.

This is a very disturbing topic, and always comes with pushback from women and mothers. Even those who were abused. I will never understand the woman who doesn’t attempt to break the cycle of child sexual abuse in their families. I am hopeful our men will eventually get it in this #MeToo era. Sex with kids damages, traumatizes, and ribs children.

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