It’s just propaganda and I wished we didn’t have to have long, eloquent litanies about what it really is. Fox like most major news outlets are propaganda machines. The spew more useless foolery than you can shake a stick at to stir emotions in gullible people. It’s the reason MSNBC can have the same sad breaking news flashing across the screen for 3–5 segments with each new commentator adding nothing new to previous regurgitated talking points and stories.

Fox needs to make their viewers feel like victims everyday and they are experts at it. Other outlets Trump bash all day (I think he’s terrible and surprisingly ignorant too, but he’s not all day news worthy terrible), and feed us identity politics pieces which tell half truths and sometimes use poor people to score political points against opponents.

Who cares why Tucker Carlson is mad today? He is going to be mad about something else soon. They stay mad over there. That’s the goal. Just like the goal of the liberal media is to make folks look and sound stupid if they aren’t a liberal, feminist, pro this or anti that. At the end of the day, it’s all propaganda. Meanwhile, the rest of the earth is catching hell and we don’t even know because we’re talking about an imaginary character in a cartoon. Shame on all of us!

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