It’s long overdue. Commercials have changed a lot since President Obama was elected. I see more interracial and same sex couples than ever before. The same for bi-racial kids. I am happy to see cause marketing and more diversity in advertising. While there is a long way to do, it’s a start and I hope corporate America takes note. Besides, Gillette is owned by the multi-national corporation Proctor & Gamble specializing in a wide range of personal health/consumer health, and personal care and hygiene products. Product segments include Beauty; Grooming; Health Care; Fabric & Home Care; and Baby, Feminine & Family Care.

It’s hard to not consume a P&G product today. So they can throw away their razors (lol). They probably consume something else made by the company that owns Gillette, and they sell globally. Americans are so ignorant lol.

Great piece Elle!

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