It’s okay to reflect Chris and I applaud it. This actually is a piece where I’d like Whites/Europeans/Anglo-Saxon, etc., to evaluate whether they really know and understand what racism is and how it works. I think many people believe they are good people or they’d like to believe they aren’t racist , but there are many ways to reinforce, support, and enable White Supremacy directly and indirectly which can cause a person to commit racist acts or act racistly. Or to just be outright racist, with or without regrets of course.

I’d like White people to consider why is it that victims of racial harassment and discrimination can’t convince White people of racism they personally experienced? That’s extremely problematic in writing. Imagine it in real life. It’s racist in my opinion.

Living is about learning, and we don’t know what you don’t know, until someone teaches us we didn’t know a thing. The fact that you’d even consider thay you may not know whether incidents you witness are racist is noteworthy. To question your past decision-making when it comes to matters regarding non-White people is commendable. I appreciate that. A lot.

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