It’s so funny that you mention this because there are so many institutions, health and recreational activities that White people operate that incorporate fake inclusion professions with no teeth. I avoid those types of places like the plague.

I watch the people going into to gyms. They to make are like gun stores. You can tell the type of place by the types of people who frequent it. I’ve never liked PF, the YMCA/YWCA, Lulemon, etc. If it’s founded by White people and the board is White, there is no way there is no inclusion included in the business. Inclusion is a risk management buzzword to keep these businesses from being sued. The mixed messaging is as old as time. I’m glad you can see the hypocrisy. It’s everywhere. We’re not diverse and it’s painfully clear.

White people love their White spaces and they will fight tooth and nail to keep them. I hate it. Thanks for talking about this in practical ways readers can understand. Saying inclusion and living inclusion are two different things.

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