It’s so much to unpack here. It’s so uncomfortable right now. People are so complacent, walking around as if they have tine to wait and figure this crap out. It’s bad…it’s getting worse. Especially for women. I get threats and called names by White male trolls everyday. Today I was at an electronics store and a rude older White gentleman just cut in front of me abd rudely started demanding his business be taken care of before mines. Literally all in my personal space reaching over my head. No excuse me. No I’m sorry. These ignorant degenerate racists are just getting started. It starts with name calling and micro-aggressions, it ends with physical assaults and murder. We are the most unprotected species in America. Dogs and dolphins have more protections!

Trump dug up America’s old racist skeletons. They were in fresh shallow graves. While we were running around trying to be the world police…we forget to police our own people, our own borders, and our own biased democracy. Unlimited power and privilege unchecked has unleashed something that’s dangerous for Black people, especially Black women.

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