It’s so true. Just go back to the Roman Empire. I mean people fought. Territories managed to live together, barter together, and share. And when there was war, the wars for valid reasons — neighbors so to speak who had relationship. The here comes England, Rome (two of the biggest hoarders of the wealth plundered for rich countries) killing, stealing and destroying anything moving and prosperous Brown. This has been going on for centuries. It absolutely cannot be overlooked.

You can’t keep beating your kids, starving your kids, stealing your kids’ future, keeping them begging, poor, naked, and defenseless and think they aren’t going to get tired and fight back. Hell a dog gets tired. The world is tired of White Supremacy. People are tired, hopeless and they have no where else to go. The fake world police has gone rogue.

What we must NEVER forget is the footprint Whiteness has had on the world. White male terrorists (via colonizers, religious missions, wars, traders, slave owners, priests/clergy) have been harming Black and Brown people all of the world since forever.

There are never any wars in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, the UK, Great Britain are there? All the wars are where? All throughout history. We can never forget the reason we are here, and we must make them remember as much as we can! It’s also the reason we must fight for our brethren globally who suffer at the hands of White Supremacy.

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