I’ve have always talked about how inhumane our sex offender laws are. They make absolutely no sense. One of my friends married a guy who was a convicted sex offender. He had served his time, was on parole, but could not find a job. My friend was a teacher and let’s just say her life was a living hell the entire time they were married. She did all she could to help him get on his feet, but we lived in a really small town. They were shunned everywhere, including church. Eventually, they divorced. The toll of trying to keep their family together, support him and help him make a way out of no way was too much to handle.

They spent years with no utilities. She used that money to help him pay his fines and restitution. He was depressed a great deal. I tried to help him find ways to earn money, but I had no idea there were so many challenges for sex offenders. They can’t do anything, they can’t go anywhere, and many are banned from using the internet…so they can’t even conduct online job searches. And without resources to start a small business or side-hustle in areas that don’t involve being in the vicinity of children, it’s absolutely hopeless. Once you’ve paid your debt to society, you should be able to take care of yourselves, but it seems America is hell bent on making some of its sinners pay for the rest of their lives, while others get to become President.

I just don’t understand America anymore.

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