I am so wanting these types of men to die off so that young, intelligent men like yourself can change things. We can't move forward because time has stopped for these older men. They are stuck in a time warp. They are miserable and they want us to wallow in their misery. Misery loves company I suppose, and these men insist on dragging us along with them for the ride. I hate saying this but we are going to have to collapse and rebuild. I'm happy to help younger people develop our national infrastructure. I'm tired of old men. Not all of them, just the ones you noted in your piece. The rotten ones.

This was such a well-written essay. Too bad the men who need this hate science, education, and everything else you've noted because it didn't come from a corrupt peer.

We're fucked. I'm so sorry for young people. I know it's frustrating. Maybe a collapse is necessary to set things straight.

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