Joe is the devil we know and we don’t have time to be burned by any new racist candidates running for office.

Warren was a Republican for 40 years. For black people, the GOP worked agaisnt us pre and post civil rights. Warren was on the team as an ally.

Bernie doesn’t have a civil rights marginalized populations record matching all the years he’s been in office.

Klobuchar has the issues with her time as prosecutor.

And Pete…omg, he’s a walking ball of unadulterated privilege, sanitized and isolated from the realities of Black people. He reads about us, but he doesn’t really know us.

Black people know what they are getting with Joe. He ain’t perfect, he’s not what we really want, but he’s not new. There is no good alternative for us so we go with the devil we know.

I wrote extensively about everyone except Bernie. Dems back terrible picks because they don’t know their POC and Black sub groups well at all. The party knows White people, they focus on the needs of White people, they cater to White people. We’re presented with what White voters want and need. Of all the choices, we know Joe.

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